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Dry Port and Khorgos - Eastern Gate Special Economic Zone

The KTZE-Khorgos Gateway Dry Port is strategically located on the Kazakhstan territory at the heart of the Special Economic Zone called Khorgos-Eastern Gate, right on the Kazakh-Chinese border.

The total area of the Dry Port is 102.8 ha that’s s integrated with the logistic (224.9 ha) and industrial (224.6 ha) zones. This project provides the optimal solution for container handling and opens up new opportunities for further industrial processing of imported goods. The participants of the SEZ receive a full range of tax and customs preferences within this perimeter.

Khorgos Gateway is viewed as a strategic object for creating a massive logistics hub that aims to cover the world market from China to Europe through the countries of Central Asia, Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries.

KTZE-Khorgos Gateway LLP, which is a subsidiary of KTZExpress JSC, provides operation of the Dry Port joinly with the third-largest largest port operator in the world DPWorld.

Due to the experience and management of DPWorld, KTZE-KhorgosGateway is a world-class project providing the efficient, safe and environment friendly services in accordance with international standards.

Efficiently developed infrastructure of the project promotes trade and economic relations between East and West. Also, new logistics solutions significantly reduce the cost in global supply chain cut time to make delivery on the world market.

KhorgosGateway promotes the national development at the regional level, as well as positions Kazakhstan as a key country to establish the New Eurasian Union.

KTZE KhorgosGateway Services

KTZE KhorgosGateway Dry Port is an evolving multimodal logistics hub, which services include various cargo operations such as car and container operations, overload, terminal processing, and additional logistics services.

Operation activities include:

Train receiving / dispatch

transshipment of loads from trains of a common track gauge (1435 mm) to trains of different track gauges (1520 mm) and vice versa

transshipment of motor vehicles (China - KTZ, PRC - KTZ)

overload of motor vehicles (train- train, vehicle - train)

making-up of container trains

operations carried out in warehouses and a container site: loading, sorting, storage, dispatch of cargoes, etc.

storage of dangerous goods and temperature-sensitive goods



packing / unpacking

customs clearance, insurance, provision of guarantees for all types of risks

The KhorgosGateway Dry Port is designed for handling various types of cargo such as containers, packaged and piece goods, non-standard cargo, etc.

On July 29, 2015, the Dry Port accepted the first freight train from China to the CIS countries. As of today, KTZE-KhorgosGateway LLP has reloaded 14,855 containers, which is 24,882 TEU.


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External terminals network

Central dry port in Domodedovo of Moscow Region (Russian Federation)

The total area is 60 hectares:

Temporary storage warehouse – 6.5 hectares;

Container terminal – 17.8;

Covered warehouse – 3.8 hectares;

Terminal of general cargoes – 6.5;

Car parking – 9.5 hectares;

Railway cargo fleet (railway) - 12 hectares;

Curved closure - 4 hectares

Period of implementation:

Share of participation:

KTZExpress (49%)
Coalco Development Limited Liability Company(51%)
Cargo traffic: 400 thousands TEU

2017-2019 – up to1 50 thousands TEU
2020-2021 – up to 250 thousands TEU
2022-2025 – up to 400 thousands TEU
Current status:

Preliminary the project feasibility study has been developed;

Cooperation agreements have been signed between KTZExpress JSC and Coalco Development LLC;

The project is undergoing corporate procedures;

The preliminary confirmed volume for the period 2019-2024 is 238-434 thousand TEU;

The term of reference to develop documentation for construction has been developed;


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Joint terminal in the port of Lianyungang (China)

KTZExpress jointly with its Chinese partners operates the Kazakh-Chinese terminal in the port of Lianyungang (China).

Container trains regularly run from Lianyungang port to Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, Central Asian countries and Europe.

Terminal services in the port of Lianyungang:
Cargo handling;

Cargo repacking;

Cargo storage;

Consolidation of cargo;

Distribution of cargo;

Making-up of container shipments from the terminal;

Warehouse of temporary storage, etc.

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Airport network in Kazakhstan

AirportManagementGroup LLP is a part of KTZExpress JSC offering multimodal transport and logistics services. The latter is owned by the “National Company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC.

AirportManagementGroup LLP provides management of airports in Astana, Kokshetau, Kostanay, Petropavlovsk, Shymkent, Kyzylorda, Aktobe, Atyrau, and Pavlodar. Transfer of airports in Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk is in progress.

AirportManagementGroup Managing Company was established as a full-fledged business unit, based on the international market of aviation services, including air freight transportation. The company's mission is to optimize the existing state of airports in Kazakhstan and improve the quality of passenger service.

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Astana terminals and warehouses

In order to provide improved and high-quality accompanying terminal-warehouse services for the transportation of cargo, since 2015, the Transport and Logistics Center has been operating in Astana that offers a range of services for cargo execution, handling and storage, as well as a wide range of multimodal logistics services.

The total area of TLC is 46 hectares. The complex provides warehouse and related services for international and national traffic, as well as urban and regional distribution of goods. It is equipped with dry storage warehouses (29 300 m2), climatic and refrigerated warehouses (13300 m2), container terminal (7 hectares) and distribution center (25,000 m2). Ability to handle warehouse goods is 300 thousand tons; up to 4 thousand TEU can be accommodated simultaneously at a container site. (For more information, check out Astana TLC website:
We are expanding the regional network of transport and logistics centers in the cities of Shymkent, Aktau, Pavlodar, Kostanay, Semey, Aktobe, Atyrau, and Oral.

Each transport and logistics center includes warehouses Class A and B, including cold storage warehouses and dry storage warehouses, vegetable stores, open storage and temporary storage warehouses.

Advantages of our transport and logistics centers:

convenient location of the main roads;

round-the-clock operation of warehouses;

delivery of all goods by road and rail;

optimization of time and material costs;

work according to the principle “one window”.


Astana TLC Presentation
Shymkent TLC Presentation
Aktobe TLC Presentation
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Aktau Sea North Terminal

The Aktau Sea North Terminal is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea and is an important link in the created multimodal logistics chain.

The total area of terminal is 40 hectares; it includes three dry cargo berths, one of which is a grain terminal, two universal terminals, with a total length of 520 meters, a grain terminal for 60,000 tons and a container platform with an area of 108 square meters.

This is a modern multipurpose terminal with the possibility of handling cargo up to 3.0 million tons per year:

Cereals - 1.5 million tons per year

General cargo - 1.5 million tons, including:

Metal - 640 thousand tons per year;

Other cargo - 620 thousand tons per year;

Cargoes in containers - 240 thousand tons per year


The terminal operates in a year-round mode and provides the following services:

Transshipment of grain crops;

Reception / dispatch, loading / unloading of dry cargoes and complex service of ships;

Storage of large-capacity containers, including refrigerated containers;

Preparation of containers for shipment by sea, rail and road;

Making-up of ship and route parties;

Loading / unloading of adjacent modes of transport (rail and road)

Warehouse operations with cargo;

Preparation of bills of lading, manifestos, registration of cargo and other transport documents for the loaded / unloaded cargo;

Features of the Terminal

The Grain Terminal is the largest in the Caspian Sea in terms of grain capacity of 60,000 tons, the capacity for simultaneous unloading trains from 2 railway tracks and transshipment of grain to a vessel with a capacity of 500 tons per hour. The grain complex is equipped with the equipment manufactured by the Spanish company SILOS CORDOBA S.L.

Available warehouse spaces of more than 100 thousand m2 ensure reliable storage of cargo, including heavy cargo, as well as efficient management of the container fleet.

Container terminal provides for a simultaneous storage of up to 5 000 TEU;

General cargo terminal makes it possible to store simultaneously up to 170,000 tons.

The container terminal is ready for receiving-shipping, loading / unloading and carrying out individual operations for integrated vessel maintenance, as well as:

short-term storage of large-capacity containers, including refrigerated containers, with their preparation for shipment by sea, rail and road transport by making-up ship or route parties;

loading / unloading of the adjacent mode of transport (rail and road) that ships containers.

The Aktau Sea North Terminal accepts ships of no more than 150 meters in length and 20 meters wide, with a draft of up to 5.5 meters.

The number of simultaneously processed vessels is 3.

Cargo operations are carried out on 2 cargo complexes - dry cargo and grain in accordance with their specialization.

Technical support

The Aktau Sea North Terminal has equipment that allows transfer of all general, bulk cargo and cargo in containers, in particular:

LHM-180 Mobile Crane with a capacity of 64.0 tons;

LHM-280 Mobile Crane with a capacity of tons;

LPS-180 Portal Full-Revolving Crane with a capacity of 64.0 tons - 2 units;

Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) Crane with a capacity of 41 tons;

Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) Crane with a capacity of 41 tons;

CLARK forklift truck with a capacity of 2.0 to 5.0 tons - 8 units;

Ferrari Forklift with a capacity of 16.0 tons - 4 units;

Ferrari Loader Container with a capacity of 45.0 tons - 4 units;

Ferrari Terminal Tractor - 6 units;

Terminal Tractor Trailer with a capacity of 60.0 tons - 6 units

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