FEZ "Khorgos-Eastern Gate" is one of the objects of the program of the new economic policy "Nurly Zhol", which implements the JSC "NC" KTZ ".

The project FEZ "Khorgos-Eastern Gate" is important for the entire Eurasian continent. The favorable geographical location of the FEZ "Khorgos-Eastern Gate" at the intersection of important routes from China and Southeast Asia, the CIS countries, as well as in Europe, the Persian Gulf and other regions, the conditions for the development of multi-modal logistics, large-scale industrial production and trade enables to become a promising world-class center of distribution. In conjunction with the technological railway lines Zhetygen - Khorgos and Zhezkazgan - Beyneu road corridor Western Europe - Western China and Aktau port, SEZ "Khorgos-Eastern Gate" provides further integration of Kazakhstan into the global transport and trade system.

FEZ main advantages:

• Tax incentives (CIT, VAT, land tax and property tax)

• Customs preferences

• A simplified procedure for employment of foreign nationals.

• Strategically important location.

• Open access to a large market (EU, Central Asia, China, the EU, Turkey and the Gulf states).

In the center of the FEZ "Khorgos Eastern Gate" is a dry port. Total Dry Port area of ​​129.8 hectares, is integrated with logistics (224.9 hectares) and industrial (224.6 ha) areas. Dry port operator is LLP «KTZE-Khorgos Gateway» - a subsidiary of JSC «KTZ Express», which is jointly managed with third-largest largest port operator in the world - DP World.

The main advantages of a dry port:

• Fast processing times of trains.

• Multimodal.

• The ability to de / consolidate the cargo in various modes.

• Security and safety of the cargo in accordance with the DP World standards.

• Information about loads online.

• Information in real time, including photographs of the goods / containers, available on the corporate website.

• Services for the formation of container trains in different directions.

• Fixed the online schedule of reception and dispatch of container trains.

• Providing new opportunities for business development due to the convenient location of logistics and industrial zones.