You must provide the following list of documents:

Introductory information:

1) Cover letter of the applicant confirming the intention of participation in the chosen region / s of Kazakhstan, as well as providing a detailed answer to the letter of the company letterhead, signed by a representative:

1.1 The main strategic goals of the legal entity, including, including the development of plans for the next 3-5 years, with the reflection of market services, new market trends, types of services, etc.

1.2 Development Plan of the legal entity, taking into account investments investor KTZ Express, investment allocation plan;

1.3 Analytical studies, statistics and forecasts for the development of transportation in the coverage area of ​​a legal entity;

1.4 Opinion on the legal entity of the risk assessment: political, country, legal, operational, and other.

The organizational and legal issues:

2) Details of shareholders / founders of legal entity (name, full name, share ownership and participation).

3) Date of state. legal registration. persons in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Date of start of operations legal. persons in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4) The number of offices on the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries, and the number of personnel.

5) a notarized copy of the certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity.

6) Certificate from the bank or the branch of the bank with the signature and seal, which is served by bidder about the absence of arrears on all types of obligations, lasting more than three months, a certificate should be issued not earlier than the date of placement of the ad.

7) Certificate of tax authority about absence of tax debts prescribed form.

8) non-residents of Kazakhstan are notarized legalized extract from the trade register, in the state. and (or) Russian language.

Financial and economic issues:

9) Scan copy of the balance sheet as at 31.12.2015 year includes FO1, FO2, and FO3 FO4.

The deadline for submitting the documentation c 01.04.2016g. to 18.00. 18.04.2016g.

The mailing address for submission of documentation:

010000, Astana, str. Dinmukhamed Kunaeva 10, 25 Floor, Room. 2500

Tel. + 7 (7172) 61-13-58, 61-13-48

Fax. + 7 (7172) 61-13-45

With marked "TENDER - REGIONAL TLC."