• Container services

    Container services

    Providing large-scale infrastructure development, we are actively working to increase the capacity utilization.

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    Providing large-scale infrastructure development, we are actively working to increase the capacity utilization.

    As of today, working in 17 provinces of China, Vietnam, Korea, Europe and the Persian Gulf, the Company actively promotes regular container service.

    We offer our clients a competitive delivery time. For example, from China's provinces to European countries, the cargo is delivered from 9 to 15 days, to Central Asian countries and Russia - on average 6-8 days.

    At the same time, new routes are being mastered between China, Iran, Great Britain and Turkey through Kazakhstan.
    Within the framework of alliances for the development of the East-West, North-South and Trans-Caspian Corridors, we jointly with our partners address issues related to minimizing barriers to the passage of goods along the whole transit route and the development of competitive through tariffs.

    In 2016, the volume of container traffic in the direction China-Europe-China amounted to about 105 thousand TEU (1,122 container trains), with a planned figure of 94.6 thousand TEU (1,100 container trains). This is 2 times higher than in 2015 - 49.9 thousand TEU (581 container train).

    At the same time, in 2016, the reverse loading from Europe towards China was ensured at the level of 50% (70 174 TEUs consisting of 808 container trains towards the PRC-EU and 34 391 TEUs consisting of 404 container trains towards the EU-PRC).

    It is planned to reach about 195 thousand TEU until the end of 2017.

  • Multimodal transportation

    Multimodal transportation

    We specialize in multimodal transportation by rail, road, sea and air transport and using infrastructure of seaports and airports, terminal and warehouse network, as well as reloading operations.

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    We specialize in multimodal transportation by rail, road, sea and air transport and using infrastructure of seaports and airports, terminal and warehouse network, as well as reloading operations.

    KTZExpress provides the delivery of goods "from door to door" and efficient logistics  according to the delivery targets.

    KTZExpress offers a comprehensive service for transportation of goods from China to Europe via Kazakhstan involving rail and air transport (Rail-Air) for 7-8 days.

  • Transport by road

    Transport by road

    KTZExpress JSC specializes in transport by road.

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    KTZExpress JSC specializes in transport by road.

    Transport by road is one of the most popular types of transportation services. It is more profitable compared to the delivery of goods by other modes of transport.


    Maximum speed of transportation

    Short terms of loading and unloading works

    Transportation of consolidated cargo without vehicles is not possible

    Easy control of the trucking process

    Continuous monitoring of the trucking process throughout the journey

    Efficiency of border crossing

    Increased cargo security

    Today we are able to perform transport by road of any complexity across Kazakhstan, as well as around the world.
    We constantly monitor the latest trends in this area, and we carry out domestic and international road transport to create maximum of convenience for our clients. Our Company employs highly qualified specialists engaged in transport by road. We guarantee safety of transport by road and cargo safety.
    KTZExpress JSC transport by road is:
    Transportation through the territory of Kazakhstan;

    International transport from Europe, CIS, Turkey and China both in import and export mode;

    Close cooperation with the leading companies-carriers of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, which allows the Company to fulfill high-level obligations on contracts providing for a large volume of traffic.

    Used transport includes large-tonnage cars and road-trains, tilt and refrigerator semi-trailers, light-duty vehicles and oversized platforms.

  • Transportation by sea

    Transportation by sea

    International transportation by sea provided by our Company is the best choice of delivery of cargo and goods at any distance.

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    International transportation by sea provided by our Company is the best choice of delivery of cargo and goods at any distance.
    KTZExpress JSC helps to organize an economical, fast and reliable delivery of goods of any category to the specified point.
    Our customers ordering transportation by sea access to storage of goods in ports, loading and unloading operations in seaports of Aktau and Kuryk.
    Transportation by sea can be part of a combined delivery. Already in the port it is possible to move cargo from the ship to another mode of transport/
    Registration of all documentation; full support; control of transportation at all stages of promotion; strict fulfillment of the agreed terms; responsibility for the safety of cargo.

    Additional services, which we accompany international cargo transportation by sea on order of customers, include cargo insurance and freight forwarder's responsibility; forwarder services in the port; assistance in passing customs procedures; work with oversized goods; organization of multimodal deliveries of any complexity.
    In order to carry out multimodal transportation and create a "maritime" link, in 2014, KTZExpress JSC established KTZExpressShipping LLP.
    KTZExpressShipping LLP is the only shipping company that owns dry cargo vessels on the right of ownership.
    As of today, KTZExpressShipping LLP operates two dry cargo vessels of 5000 tons deadweight each - BeketAta and Turkestan and two dry cargo vessels with a deadweight of 7000 tons each - ZhibekZholy and Atameken.
    The Kazakhstan dry cargo vessels floating in the water area of the Caspian, Black, Mediterranean and Marmara Seas carry out transportation of such cargoes as oversized cargo, grain, metal, metal pipes, MDF, etc., along the following routes: Aktau - Northern Ports of Iran, Kuryk - Konstantza (Romania), Parque Margera (Italy) – Kurye, Ünye (Turkey) - Kuryk, Derince (Turkey) - Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan), Giurgiulești (Moldova) - Ravenna (Italy), Hovsan (Azerbaijan) - Bartın (Turkey).
    KTZExpressShipping LLP offers the following services:
    - freighting of vessels for shipment of dry cargo (grain, metal, container, etc.);
    - ferry cargo transportation;
    -expeditor and agency services in ports of loading and unloading

  • Air transportation

    Air transportation

    We specialize in transport cargo in any direction on regular flights. We will develop a route that meets your requirements.

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    Our services:
    General cargo
    Freight charters
    Urgent charter
    Oversized cargo
    Dangerous goods
    Business charters
    VIP aircraft rental
    Live cargo

    1. General cargo
    We specialize in transport cargo in any direction on regular flights. We will develop a route that meets your requirements. You can change the quantity and frequency of your transportation at your discretion.

    2. Freight charters
    We provide first-class services to:

    Freight forwarding agencies
    Charitable and humanitarian organizations
    Government institutions
    Sales agents

    Advantages of freight charters:

    You are not limited to the routes of existing airlines;
    You are not limited to the flight schedule;
    You determine the cargo volume and the flight schedule;
    We have you covered so just contact us!!!
    Submit the weight, dimensions and characteristics of the goods and we will provide quotations in the shortest possible time;
    Your charter flight will be tracked by us from start to finish;
    We will find the most suitable and effective aircraft for you;
    We work all over the world.

    3. Urgent charter

    You can depend on KTZExpress JSC to urgently deliver or dispatch the goods,
    If the cargo must be there "yesterday", ... we will solve this issue
    Our experience is at your disposal
    Our experience is your benefit, benefit from our experience
    Your trust is our reputation! Enjoy our reputation !!!
    Looking for the most economical solution? – Depend on us !!!
    Trust us and we will find the most suitable aircraft
    Call us 24 hours a day 365 days a year

    4. Oversized cargo

    We are able to transport to your order:
    Musical, stage equipment and scenery;
    Spare parts, equipment for electric locomotives, wagons and ships;
    Nodes, parts of oil industry equipment;
    Building materials and structures;
    Engines for aircraft and parts of aircraft;
    Space equipment and satellites;
    and much more

    When it is easy to work with heavy loads ...

    Trust our knowledge on loading aircraft;
    Your cargo is accompanied by our representative;
    Your personal manager will take into account all the details in the plan.

    5. Dangerous cargo

    We help to transport:
    Explosive substances
    Radioactive materials
    Any other cargo authorized for carriage by aircraft.

    We protect your cargo by using:
    Experience in route restriction
    Extensive experience with dangerous items
    Full compliance with the latest rules and regulations
    Accurate planning, maximum protection and absolute security

    6. Business charters

    Offers for reputable avia-travelers
    KTZExpress JSC offers:
    To draw up a plan of flights jointly with our customer;
    To determine conditions of your flights, your requirements for the aircraft;
    To minimize service time and delays at airports;
    To determine the shortest travel route;
    To held out of turn registration and inspection at the airport;
    We will ensure on board the aircraft all the conditions, if in flight you intend to work;
    At your request we will deliver you to the nearest airport and from the airport;
    We will ensure security measures in accordance with ICAO's international requirements;
    We provide only reliable and safe aircraft!!!

    7. VIP aircraft rental

    Renting a private aircraft is the convenience and status of a customer. Time saving, mobility, comfort, high service and safety level, taking into account all your individual wishes are the main features that distinguish an aircraft rental. It is enough to call us and we will offer you various aircraft renting options, if necessary, directly connect with the aircraft owners.

    In each specific case, an aircraft rental is planned for you only as agreed with you. We will provide and help you fully optimize your itinerary and flight cost.
    You may contact us on the issues of renting an airplane (helicopter) at any time by the following telephones and e-mail addresses:
    Why do VIP persons choose KTZExpress JSC?
    VIP service at the airports
    Individual in-flight meal
    Exceptional comfort on board
    Schedule flexibility

    8. "Live" cargo

    We offer "live" cargo transportation services, such as horses of special breeds or livestock. We will select the appropriate aircraft on our experience for a safe transportation of live cargo.

    Order an airplane by filling out the form on the website, or contact us on the phones below. We will review your application as soon as possible and organize your flight in any direction.

    Our contacts:

    Position Name Full name

    Work phone


    Int. phone Mob. phone E-mail
    Director of the Department Naurzaliev Bulat Muxanovich 611-549 104

    +7 777 075 3575

    General manager Tagatov Azamat Sayabekovich 611-535   +77055753240
    Manager Syrtlanov Galei Valeevich 611-535 114 +7 701 327 29 65
    Manager Iskaziev Bulat Galymzhanovich 611-535 115 +7 701 577 8061
  • Trans-Caspian International Transport Route

    Trans-Caspian International Transport Route

    The work done by the participating countries along the route in recent years has created the commercial advantage of the Trans-Caspian route.

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    "KTZExpress" JSC together with its partners actively develops transportation on the Trans-Caspian route and offers its customers a container service "NomadExpress" from China to Turkey and further the EU countries with the use of the Caspian, Ukrainian and Polish logistics infrastructure, as well as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line.

    The work done by the participating countries along the route in recent years has created the commercial advantage of the Trans-Caspian route. First, it is the speed offered to the client in the transportation of organized container trains from eastern China to Turkey for 14-15 days, second, a competitive price for delivery time critical goods.

About company

KTZExpress JSC provides a full range of all-routes logistics services and transport by rail, sea, air and road, using port and airport infrastructure, a network of warehouses and terminals.

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About company

KTZExpress JSC offers contract logistics services to the domestic and international companies, provides cargo delivery and supply chains according to the principle "from door to door". 

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About company

KTZExpress JSC is a 100% shareholder of the KTZExpressShipping LLP National Shipping Company. The Company owns BeketAta and Turkestan dry cargo ships 5 thousand tons of deadweight, including Zhibekzholy and Atameken 7 thousand tons of deadweight, which operate in the Caspian and Black Seas.

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About company

KTZExpress JSC has its own fleet of specialized climate control containers and provides all-season delivery of cargoes that require special temperature conditions to anywhere in the world.

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About company

KTZExpress offers a comprehensive service for transportation of goods from China to Europe via Kazakhstan involving rail and air transport (Rail-Air) for 6-7 days.

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The Annual International Convention "Convention CILT 2018" of the Royal Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) of Great Britain was held Wroclaw, Poland. The Chartered Institute of Log…


USAID highly appreciated the transport and logistics opportunities of Kazakhstan

Group, formed within the USAID's special project on competitiveness, trade and job creation in Central Asia, visited the Dry port “KTZE-Khorgos Gateway” for information purposes. The…


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KTZ and KZD develop container transportation in trade flows of Eurasia

On May 15 this year, the head of "NC" Kazakhstan temir zholy "JSC Kanat Alpysbaev held talks with the Director General of Chinese Railways Lu Dongfu in Beijing on the development of con…


“KTZ Express” JSC has joined the Association of National Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The certificate of the entry of the multimodal operator of “KTZ Express” JSC into the Association of National Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KFFA) was presented by the General D…


Railway administrations of Kazakhstan and Vietnam will use the transport inrfastructure of the two c…

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The way of Kazakh grain to Beijing decreased four times

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Transit through Kazakhstan follows the first regular container train from Finland to China

November 10 this year, the rail transport consisting of wagons of KTZ Express, a subsidiary of KTZh NC JSC, was sent from the Kouvola Finnish station to Chinese Xian. Representatives of the Embassy o…


China Railways Container Transport Co.LTD. opened office in Almaty

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JSC "NC" KTZ " stands for improving the efficiency of performance

JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temirzholy " held a solemn event in honor of the professional holiday - the Day of Transport Workers. The event was attended by First Deputy Prime Minister of…


Revenue of "NC" KAZAKHSTAN TEMIR ZHOLY " JSC from transit and transport reached 35 % in the first ha…

On July 14th this year, at the meeting chaired by Askar Mamin the President of JSC NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" the results for the first half of the year were summed up and the priority task…


Energy giant of province Jiansu (China) is Interested in construction of gas turbine power plant on…

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Development of the International Trans-Caspian Transport Route was discussed in China

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Extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "

On June 16th this year, an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Directors of the national company "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" was held under the chairmanship of the managing director for trans…


Countries join forces to develop transport along the Silk Way

The trans-Caspian international transport route (TMTM), which runs from China through Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, further to Europe, is historically a trade route of the…


On May 11th-13th, 2016 an international conference "Multimodal Transport 2016: a Bridge between Euro…

On May 11th-13th, 2016 in Istanbul (Turkey) an international conference "Multimodal Transport 2016: a bridge between Europe and Asia" was held.   The conference organizer is VIVA CONS…


Kazakhstan will become a bridge between Asia and Europe

At the end of last week, the 64th meeting of the Council for Rail Transport of the Commonwealth Member States ended in Tbilisi, during which President of JSC “KTZ” Askar Mamin was re-elect…


At the exhibition "TransRussia" “KTZ Express” signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with “Rostock Port…

Multimodal operator “KTZ Express” takes part in the 21st International exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies "TransRussia", taking place in Moscow. Unde…


Chinese investors call on Kazakhstan companies to mutual partnership

Chinese investors show a high interest participating in Kazakhstan projects and offering the Kazakh business community to integrate investments for implementation in the future joint business pro…


Consortium of the TransCaspian Transport Route was established

 On April 12th in Baku representatives of large transport and logistics operators of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia signed the Agreement on the establishment of the International Trans-Caspi…


Effective Risk Management System - Pledge of the Company Efficiency

On April 4-5, 2016  JSC "KTZ Express" held a corporate training session on the topic "Risk Management and Internal Control." The event was held with the aim of increasing the…


Security of cargo increases competitiveness

Ensuring the safety of transported goods is one of the main conditions for increasing the competitiveness of an integrated delivery service on in-republican and trans-Kazakhstan railway routes. This w…


Transport-transit opportunities of Kazakhstan presented at the International Exhibition of Transport…

The delegation of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Railways" headed by Vice President Kanat Alpysbaev takes part in the 7th International specialized exhibition" Transport Logistic China 2…


“KTZ” offers new service - transportation of postage cargo in containers

Representatives of JSC "KTZ Express" subsidiary organization JSC "NC" KTZ " took part in the meeting on the organization of international mail transport by rail, held in Mosco…


The technological "window" will not affect the movement of passenger trains

May 22nd, 2016 in Astana in connection with the installation of the bridge over the project "Heating main to the left bank of Astana" will be changed schedule and timetable for the movement…


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  • Request processing by the manager

  • Conclusion of the contract (service department)

  • Approval of services by operations department

  • Provision of services

  • Signing of all documents

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